Thursday, 15 March 2007

Your outlook determines your lifespan

One of my theories is that those who are happily single are far more likely to get to grips with cooking for themselves than those who find themselves single against their wishes; perhaps because of a divorce that wasn't their idea, being widowed, or desperate to find that "perfect partner" for the first time.

Nothing scientific, just seems sense (to me) that the whole "can't be bothered to cook for one" thing is likely to go hand-in-hand with one's general attitude to one's situation.

Happiness and optimism are not the same thing, of course, but they are surely linked and this seems to make even more sense when you see how much impact your outlook has on your lifespan. Eric at Paris Daily Photo pointed to, as he describes it, a dreadful site, The Death Clock "the Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away ..."

How nice of them. Well, nobody else is going to remind us, I guess!

Whilst I'm sure there is some "science" behind it, I choose to take it with a healthy dose of salt (rather than scare myself to a premature death).

Nevertheless, I can't help "fiddling with the controls" and discover that I'm set to expire in 2029 with a normal outlook and as a smoker (Hey, I eat healthy, I'm not a saint!) I'd gain seven years, if I didn't smoke.

If my weight went up by 50 lbs, I'd knock off two years.

But what if I were a pessimist? (and sure, some days I am!)

Wait for this ... in that case, I'll be shuffling off this mortal coil in 2010.

Yes, in just three years time, whilst, as an optimist, I could stick around right to 2052 (when I would be in my 90's), even continuing to smoke. (Actually, I don't believe that for a moment, but I can be optimistic!)

At least I now know I'm not sadistic, since I didn't die in 1992! :-)

All joking aside, I know that sometimes it can be very hard to be optimistic, in a world that often doesn't seem to do much to encourage it and, the more so if you find yourself in a situation that is not your choice. If you do find yourself in that situation, please don't hesitate in getting help and support from friends or even professionals. (My "kitchen table" psychology is certainly not intended to be a substitute!) Food for thought, anyway and eating healthy must help.

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