Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Little Britons Abroad

Little Britons Abroad  This article from the Telegraph, points out, that "... almost one-in-ten British citizens now live overseas" and "around 800,000 other UK households owning a second home abroad, it is getting increasingly hard to find any part of the world that isn't peopled by Little Britons."

For most, those are "selling points", meaning they will find familiar things there. As far as I'm concerned, it starts to mean, how can I win the lottery very big, so I can buy an island where none of them ever set foot!

I do wish someone would tell me why it is that British expats everywhere feel this need to live in Little Britain or the "30°C version of Sussex."

OK, so I still keep Marmite in the 'fridge, but other than that, I can't think of a single "typically British" thing I find the need to repeat here.

I don't have satellite or English TV. In fact, I don't even speak English, other than once every couple of weeks when my mother calls, because I don't spend time with or seek out the company of other Brits. Because they're the same here. In fact, I'm surprised Tenerife didn't get mentioned in the article, because there are Little Britain estates here in the south, homes with wall-to-wall carpet, just like "back home", even though they probably reach 45°C in August; British beer, Fish & Chip restaurants, etc. I just come to the conclusion that Brits abroad, mostly, are the most unimaginative, unadventurous lot going.

You really wonder why they don't stay in Britain and buy a sunlamp!

Feel at home even when you're away

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