Friday, 2 March 2007

Fancy Scrambled Eggs

scrambled_eggs Scrambled eggs, to a British or American person - despite being prepared differently on opposite sides of the pond - are generally, only seen as a part of breakfast.

In Spain, they're a real delicacy. Most often, these fancy scrambled eggs, called Revueltos in Spanish, are served as an entree in restaurants, but if I ate that, I wouldn’t have room for anything else. Two traditional versions of this dish use wild “triguero“, small green, asparagus (known as bruscandoli in Italy) with prawns; or with “Setas“, Oyster mushrooms. Both - or a variation on the theme using whatever ingredients you have to hand - are incredibly easy to throw in a pan to create a deceptively filling lunch or light supper.

Piquillo Peppers with Jamon and Scrambled Eggs

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