Sunday, 25 March 2007

Being sick is harder when you live alone

An apology to my reader for not having been here much for the last week, but, having been afflicted with an infection has kinda knocked me out recently.

And some days, I've only been able to stay awake for a couple of hours at a time, which has brought home one of the major disadvantages of living alone: nobody to take care of you when you're ill.

The upside of this is, of course, that nobody could chastise me either for wasting those precious hours lazing around and nor can they see that nothing here has been washed in days; not pots, not floors, not even me!

Anyway, I do feel a little better this afternoon (hence the ability to make this post), but it has highlighted, for me, that I could have done with seeing a doctor, or even going to the pharmacy, but since both are an almost half-day's trip, the fact was that I wasn't well enough to consider making it, but, neither was it the sort of medical emergency that warranted calling an ambulance, for instance.

This is a conundrum, I think that many of us living alone are likely to find ourselves in from time to time.

My tendency to bulk shop, infrequently, paid off here I think, since I was not at risk of running out of any basics. Although, most days, it has almost been too much effort to make a cup of tea, let alone cook food.

In my extreme rural location, I don't have neighbours to call on (and certainly none who would notice me by my absence) and, there is clearly more that I need to do to be prepared for such emergencies.

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