Friday, 23 February 2007

The Most Effective Anti-Terrorism Law EVER

So long as terrorists can't buy domain names, that's OK then: Terrorism can no longer spread. Threat controlled!

Eric Goldman of the Technology & Marketing Law Blog quotes a proposed bill's objective to make it a criminal offence in the US to knowingly sell an internet domain name to a terrorist group and asks, "Are they serious?"

Oh yes, as we all know, terrorists are such fine upstanding members of society (notice a slight hint of sarcasm there?) and will turn up to purchase saying,

"Hello, I'm a terrorist from XYZ organization - you may have seen us in the homeland security list (like it's the yellow pages) - and I'd like to buy a domain name, please."

Yeah, it's not like they would keep schtum and use a fake name, is it? :)

So, I think we can say that there's an absolute zero possibility of anyone knowingly committing this offence, making this proposed legislation utterly pointless - I mean, beyond the fact that denying terrorists domain names is hardly going to cripple their operations anyway. Aren't you just deliriously happy to know that this kind of idiocy is what you pay your tax dollars for?

The Most Effective Anti-Terrorism Law EVER

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