Monday, 15 January 2007

Mystery Liquids and How to Break into Airplanes

It's a laugh a minute, isn't it? Nobody knows what the rules are, leading to much over and under application of them. Reports like this highlight, not only the idiocy, but the fundamental fact that for all the rules, regulations, discomfort and inconvenience travellers endure, they are not getting better security and protection in return.

Actually, whilst I didn't break into a plane, that report somewhat echoes my own experience when I went to Tenerife's Reina Sofia airport back in December to meet my mother and was able to stroll, unchallenged, into the arrivals hall to meet her by the luggage carousels. Back in the day, this was a normal practice, which I was ready to justify on the excuse that she's an old dear of over 80, who needs help with her suitcase. (Ignoring the fact that she's fitter than me and certainly does not.)

Now I really was there to meet my mother and had no evil intentions, but if I could basically walk in off the street and do that, then anyone else could too.

And, presumably that area gives access back to the planes. It's all a nonsense.

Mystery Liquids and How to Break into Airplanes

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