Sunday, 26 November 2006

Khan - April 2001 to November 25th, 2006


Always a very timid cat, Khan, one of the three orphans I brought up on the bottle. He has suffered a few health problems in his 5 1/2 years, but with lots of love and effort, I finally persuaded him to come to me when he needed help, instead of going off to hide.

On Friday, he was complaining a bit and restless, but mostly just wanted to snuggle up to me. Yesterday, he was quiet and wanted to hide again, but curled up in a box I provided him with an old towel. He never left the box and didn't wake up this morning.

Monday, 6 November 2006

So you think you're English?

Fascinating article in the Telegraph that reveals we are all mongrels in reality.

"Perhaps the most interesting thing about these tests is that they cut through pretty much all of our notions of nationality and cultural identity (which are, of course, social constructs) to a much greater truth: we are all related to one another."

Such tests, I think, should be made compulsory - certainly for all bigots, racists and other forms of flag-waving nationalists - and, I certainly agree with the conclusion of the article that they could be a powerful tool in the fight against racism. Those too who seek to build walls (physical or psychological) and put up tougher barriers to immigration would do well to remember that:

"... man has been on the move ever since he first evolved in Africa. Migration is not only the norm, it is nature's way of keeping us healthy. The more our genes mix, the better the long-term health of the species - the better we can withstand infectious diseases and the less likely we are to suffer from genetic diseases."

So you think you're English?


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