Wednesday, 25 October 2006

You too can be an editor for The Sun

You may think that the time I stopped respecting (and believing) what was printed in newspapers might have been the time when I myself wrote for them, but you would be oh so very wrong. No, that watershed moment came way before, back on a Sunday afternoon in 1983 at an hotel in Kent, England.

Well, no actually, it was when I read an account in The Sun newspaper on the following Monday morning, which had described the very lunch I had attended and their version was nothing like my recollection. My memory of the event could not have diminished so much in less than 24 hours.

As The Sun had it, in probably one of their lamest attempts at "sensationalism" ever, leader of Fat Larry's Band, who were in England at the time on a tour following the success of "Zoom", the late "Fat" Larry James, had reportedly eaten his way virtually through an entire chicken farm!

As he was at an adjacent table, I could quite clearly see that he ate portions that were no different to what the rest of us ate.

It was such a quiet, normal Sunday lunch, I was surprised it made "news" at all and the biggest laugh of the day was when other band members started ribbing me for attacking a chicken leg with a knife and fork (well, I'm English!)

Goodness knows who filed the story (no, it certainly wasn't me), nor can I even imagine why, but I think it will be interesting in these days of blogs - which are often accused of having less ethics & truth than the mainstream press - to see what will happen now that The Sun have launched a a service called MySun and announced that "You are the new Editors of The Sun."

Personally, I can't imagine standards dropping. They may actually improve!

You can be an editor for The Sun

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