Saturday, 19 August 2006

Musical Chairs (Feline Stylee)

image Balu, the mischievous tail with a cat attached snoozes on top of a HP printer box. (One of these days I'll get round to installing the printer!) What he really wants is my chair, but there is a double problem: I was sitting on it and secondly, Mico was on my lap. 

image Balu got fed up with the printer box. He tried getting on my lap, but there wasn't room for him as well as Mico - who he got on top of. So, I put Balu down after he'd disturbed Mico, so he decided that he'd lay across my desk instead - half on the mousepad and draping that tail in the way of the keyboard.

image After Balu managed to disturb Mico off my lap, Mico found a place on a dining chair, on top of one of the dog's blankets that had been washed and folded. He still doesn't get much peace, because his missus, Betty, turns up to squash herself onto that small chair with him. 

image When I got up from the desk for a "comfort break", everyone quickly left their spots and rushed in the direction of the food - just in case I was going to give them yet another meal. Well, I wasn't and Balu was the first to realize this, so he went back to the office and plonked himself down on the chair that Mico had adopted after Balu had disturbed Mico, by getting on top of Mico on my lap.

Well, this was obviously too much for Mico, who decided to get his revenge. He wanted his chair back, thank you, so he got on the chair, on top of Balu.

image You can see from his expression, the "WTF's going on here?" question is crossing Balu's mind, as Mico starts, not only to get on top of him, but start to snuggle down. 

And Balu's eyes narrow in a grimace, as Mico puts his entire, not insignificant, weight down on top of him. Revenge, sweet and complete! :) Mico even seems to be smirking.

image This pair, though seven years apart, unrelated and found in different parts of the island, have actually become very great friends. They often curl up together. Balu has never dared confront the larger cat and Mico is not the confrontational type at all. He'll normally put up with any amount of henpecking from Betty.

On this occasion though, I truly think Mico fully intended to let Balu know that he had overstepped the mark and, I don't blame Mico at all, because this is normal behavior for Balu - being incredibly cheeky and hoping he will get away with it.

Maybe one day Balu might (only might) learn that he won't always! 

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