Thursday, 31 August 2006

Do you suffer bag-lady syndrome?

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BoingBoing say, "Bag-lady syndrome is a non-medical term for a common anxiety among women: the fear that they will end up destitute and on the streets. It affects women from all social strata and can be crippling."

As the article says, "Being single costs 80% that of a couple, and women are seven times more likely to be single and live six years longer." Women tend to be unprepared and overwhelmed when widowhood or divorce suddenly plops their financial security in their hands.

When you have only yourself to rely on, this can be a real worry. If you have ample resources, it's probably irrational, but if you are only just managing now, what other way is there to think? Whilst I won't say that I spend every waking minute in fear, the thought that I could end up on the street and hungry, crosses my mind. The fear might not be entirely irrational, but can it be conquered?

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