Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Nine Percent of Catholics do not believe in God

According the the publication Muy Interesante, currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary, a survey of its readers, related to the belief in extraterrestrial life, has revealed (to some) surprising observations on the Spanish culture.

Ninety percent of readers do belief in extraterrestrial life and, according to the magazine, those with higher cultural and social levels, i.e. higher education and acquisitive power, are those most likely to do so.

The most surprising data, for the writers of this article, was that nine percent of those who professed to be Catholics, also say they do not believe in God.

To some, this may appear to be the height of ignorance, but say the writers, this is nothing more than a faithful reflection of Spanish society and it's cultural subconscious. It is merely part of the social culture to appear to be Catholic and participate in rituals, such as baptism, weddings and processions.

Personally, having observed this phenomenon for a decade and a half and, having reached similar conclusions, I might have been less surprised if they'd said that 9% believe in extraterrestrials and 90% do not believe God.

el 9% de los "Católicos" no creen en Dios

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