Sunday, 28 May 2006

La venganza

For those who also speak Spanish, here is a possibly imaginary - though you can certainly imagine getting real satisfaction from carrying it out - way to get revenge on all those telephone solicitors. In this case, the subject was a telesales caller from Telefonica trying to offer a promotion for having an additional phone line installed.

The couple on the receiving end, as well as insisting on all manner of identifying details from the Telefonica employee (just as Telefonica does when you call them); name, phone number, employee number; passing them on to someone else (in this case the wife) who is "responsible for alterations or acquisitions of telephone contracts" - and who eventually "opened an incident" to deal with the decision, I think my favourite bit was "placing the phone in front of a speaker while playing Caribe Mix 2004 on continuous repeat."

All it lacks is a bit of pseudo-automation and some "Press 1 to sell me Plan A", "Press 2 to sell me Plan B" and so forth, down to Press # then 99 to speak to the dog and you'd have a perfect system to deal with all such eventualities.

La venganza

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