Friday, 26 May 2006

Did the Tories Really Vote to Abolish EU Primacy?

Now this is scary. The problem in Britain is that if you don't want Blair's New Labour, you are pretty much left with Hobson's Choice: The Conservative party.

We know they have never been particularly keen on the idea of Britain being in what used to be called the Common Market; the European Union. Now, it would seem that a goodly number of the Conservative party would like to vote Britain out of it. Well, no it's not THAT straightforward, but it is still the thin edge.

Apart from the fact that we really need to be progressing and going in the direction of a stronger Europe, not eroding the union, the country has gone too far down the line in 34 years to step back now. Heaven forbid if they went as far as to pull out. For one, where would that leave all of us British folks living in other EU countries?

Much as I think Blair is bad news, I reckon the alternatives are worse.

Did the Tories Really Vote to Abolish EU Primacy?

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