Tuesday, 21 March 2006

The Politics of Birth Rates: Declining Birth Rates Among Liberals Foreshadows Conservative Future

"When secular-minded Americans decide to have few if any children, they unwittingly give a strong evolutionary advantage to the other side of the culture divide."

Scary thought, but I fit the liberal profile perfectly, having decided about 30+ years ago that there was no earthly reason why I should procreate. Had the situation arisen to make it possible, my wish would have been to adopt a child who already needed a home, rather than make yet another, who was bound to be an ungrateful little bugger. I don't delude myself that there is anything special about my genes. In fact, I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

This is a decision I am most happy to stick by, because I think it's responsible not to fill the earth up with yet more humans making yet more demands upon an already stretched planet. And I'm too old to change my mind now.

The Empty Cradle seems to suggest that State intervention is necessary to combat the effects of an aging population and that we must provide incentives for young families. Unfortunately, I think that would create more problems than it solves. Even if doesn't lead to overpopulation, it will still encourage a conservative bias. And the whole idea of State intervention for anything, let alone letting them dictate our procreation habits, is wholly unpalatable.

Under present circumstances, it does seem that we don't have enough active population in work to take care of the global aging phenomenon. But, even if there were more people of active age, there wouldn't be work for them.

No, clearly the whole way we look at this needs to change. But how? Obviously, I don't think young liberals should emulate rabbits to redress the balance, but neither can I imagine a way to persuade right wingnuts to stop going forth and multiplying. What can be done to redress this dangerous imbalance?

Allowing free movement of people between countries and continents, adding variety and strength to the gene pool - just as has happened for hundreds of thousands of years already - seems as good a place to start as any to me.

The Politics of Birth Rates: Declining Birth Rates Among Liberals Foreshadows A More Conservative Future

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