Sunday, 26 March 2006

The Me Me Meme

000_1161 Picked this up from the Diamond Geezer over here, because I thought it was fun and, for once, it contains questions I can actually answer.

Name seven things in your fridge:

I never realized what an international selection of contents there was in my fridge: Capitan Mani Crema de Cacahuete sounds Spanish enough, but underneath (in English) it says "The Original Peanut Butter". Yeah, even here.

Then we have Corned Beef from Argentina, Hot Dog sausages from Holland, Wild-Preislbeeren (Cranberry sauce) from Germany, Marmite all the way from England, Mojo Palmero Picante (Hot sauce) from the neighbouring island of La Palma and Miel de Palma (Palm Honey or Sap, not unlike Maple Syrup), from La Gomera.

When was the first time you went abroad?

1975 to Benidorm in mainland Spain. Back in those days it was still "abroad".

Who were the last five people to send you a spam message?

Alba, Cristina Rowland, Irvin, Debbie Easley and "root" sent me a (no subject).

If you were a type of chocolate biscuit, what type of chocolate biscuit would you be and why?

I'd be a Bourbon biscuit, because then I'd be related the Spanish Royal Family!

Describe your best friend using only Madonna song titles:

Like A Prayer. For a start she's a former gospel singer and a christian (though I don't hold it against her). Secondly, we've both sung this from time to time, as well as La Isla Bonita. Did you know that "La Isla Bonita" is what they call La Palma? I'm sure Madonna does, because it's where Manolo Blahnik was born.

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen a kitten do?

Little white kitten we had when I was a kid suddenly decided to run round and round the room like a small horse in a steeplechase. One of the hurdles was the tea trolley and on the bottom shelf, right where it galloped was a "water jump". Well, a trifle, with cream and bright pink blancmange. Yep, splash, splosh ... Kitten spent the next few hours thoroughly licking after leaving huge, deep footprints in said desert. We just ate round the bits with the holes!

The good news: I'm not going to tag anyone. Just pick it up if you think it's fun.

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