Friday, 3 March 2006

How many vets does it take to find a cat testicle?

Changing the subject drastically and, at the risk of offending the entire global feline population, you can't help but see a little humour (as well as feeling a great deal of compassion) for this poor little chap with the missing testicle.

It probably isn't something one thinks about often, but it may well be a more frequent occurrence than one suspects. So in the interests of the health of any male kittens you might home, it is as well to be aware of the implications.

To take the joke a little further, there is a reason why I call Balu "Fluffball", in the singular, apart from him being a great big one generally, and that is because, at puberty, only one of his little "pompoms" decided to come on down and see the light of day. Ever so cute it was too, covered in soft, pale apricot coloured fur and looking for all the world like a mini-powderpuff.

Long ago when I got Thomas, family friend and vet to the famous (well, he's mentioned in Beryl Reid's bestseller, The Cat's Whiskers), Brian Woodward (who, coincidentally, also now lives in Spain), told me to wait and bring the lad in to be fixed once his nuts were about the size of marrowfat peas. Good guide.

So, with Balu, I dutifully waited, but we only got one marrowfat pea.

We waited a bit longer: longer than I would have liked, just to see if the other one would appear by itself, but it never did. In his case, the shy one was not too far away and was easy for the vet to locate and remove, though it did take a bit more of an operation. The matter could have been much more complicated.

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