Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Bad Dogs and Sex With Foreigners


Onemanbandwidth reported that "New Laws went in effect today in China that might get unruly foreigners a ticket back to their native country."

China may fine, detain or ship out foreigners who buy or sell sex, steal or fail to control their mutts.

Obviously we would view that as racist and unfair to apply such rules to foreigners only, though since it is the "unofficial policy" already in Spain, it may as well be made the official one so everyone knows where they stand.

Everyone in Spain is supposed to control their mutts, but it seems that only the foreigners do so and the locals only think the rules do not apply to them.

Personally, I think I would prefer a openly racist rule, rather than keep getting nasty stares simply because of the ignorance of locals.

As for sex with foreigners. Don't get me started on that.

Oh, OK. I slouch around in baggy track pants, old jumpers and hiking boots the whole time. I make no effort whatsoever (there is no point in the countryside, with a house full of animals and no hot water), I'm pushing 50, but I am still "an English girl". This, to locals, makes them think they have some right to be "all over me like a rash" and that I must be a raving nymphomaniac! NOT!

Having watched a mini-series over the last couple of nights on people trafficking, kidnapping and forcing girls into prostitution, it is clear that China's action on this is responsible. We're all shocked and make appropriate noises that it goes on "in those countries" (easy to write off as someone else's human rights problem), but the fact remains that if the demand wasn't there from customers from the west, the problem might be easier to control.

It was the cartoon I liked. Maybe it should be included in the information pack provided to the Metropolitan Police force about the Canary Presa danger.

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