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Friday, 2 December 2005

Who Said Dogs Were Stupid?

Yes, I would be dreaming if my whole house seemed clean.

One word you'd never associate with me is "domesticated". Oh, I keep the parts of the house that matter relatively habitable and hygienic, but housework is not something I do for "fun".

Things that are not used often, like the room that my mother sleeps in when she visits once or twice a year, or the loose cover on the sofa in that room are not cleaned until they are going to be needed again.

And, of course, my mother is coming for Christmas, but I haven't put any decorations up to give that game away and I haven't told Holly what the date is, nor that my mother's visit is imminent.

All I did today was to remove some boxes that groceries had come in and that had been thrown into that room and remove and launder the cover for the sofa. Obviously, this constituted enough of a "flurry of unusual activity" for dog to put two and two together!

When my mother visits, either excitement or jealousy (I think both), always causes Holly to behave like a spoilt three year old child.

She has been bothering me for attention all day.

I mean more so than normal and she is already joined to me at the hip 24 hours a day, which is the crux of the problem really. Since I am at home most of the time she can be, absolutely and exclusively.

And we've had little puddles. No, I don't mean she sits and deliberately wee's on the floor, I mean, she "leaks" with excitement or, perhaps for the reason that she is too preoccupied to remember to ask. I'm sure it is perfectly normal for any child / dog to show their dislike of having their routine mucked up in the only way they know how. And there's probably not much I can do, other than to ignore the bad behaviour and not make a fuss that could make it worse, but it does make me chuckle that the clever bitch is SO quick to catch on.

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