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Saturday, 12 November 2005

Cats are dangerous animals


Well, mine are, I don't know about yours. Never mind bites and scratches: those are so frequent that I consider shredded skin to be a normal feature. First we had the falling chair incident, now, with feline assistance, I've managed to badly twist or sprain my ankle and can hardly walk. Oh, it wasn't really the cat's fault. Poor little Khan is a bit poorly and, as usual, wants his mum. So, I let him lay on my lap. He is a small cat and really only a bit chubby, but for some reason, weighs as much as a couple of rocks twice his size. So, my leg went to sleep. 

Not realizing that it was so far asleep that the foot would dangle limply, silly me, I got up to walk and promptly tried to put my weight on what I thought was the sole of my foot, but, which, in fact, was the instep as my foot flopped back under me.

Cat that I was carrying to bed went flying, so did I and my ankle hurts like hell!

They don't warn you about this kind of thing in the cat books, do they?

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