Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Excuse me, I'm on the other end

image Got a dog that pulls on the lead? Holly is no where near as bad as she was, but in all the 10 years she's been with me, she has never quite grasped the fact that someone - usually me - is on the other end of the lead and thinks she can still hurtle off anywhere.

It's even funnier on the odd occasion when my mother has taken the reigns, because she lets the dog set the pace and my mum's little legs keep moving faster and faster like some cartoon character, while I tell her, "Stop her for goodness sake! You are in charge."

It's simple to cure, as Andrew Chastney, author of Dog Training Blueprint, explains:

"One of the simplest ways is just to stand still every time your dog tries to pull. No need to haul it about or get into some sort of tug of war. Dog moves forward - you stop. When the dog quietens down start walking again. The moment the dog tries to pull forward you just stop still again. Over and over again. The dog will soon realise it's never going to get anywhere unless it walks quietly beside you ..."

Humans are SO MUCH harder to train than dogs, I have observed!

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