Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Beat the Heat ...

July was a write-off and, so it seems was half of August, but I don't need to write my own "excuse" post for the lack of action around here (not that I have ever promised there would be any), because I found the perfect one here from Christina, with whom I certainly share a penchant for sleeping till noon and of collecting needy animals.

Christina said in a recent post ...

"I haven't really felt like posting anything lately ... I haven't even really felt like even getting out of bed. So, sorry if the 3 people that read this have felt neglected. It's really hot here and I'm in a pissy mood and dammit if there isn't any chocolate in the house!"

Not meaning to brag or anything, but if my Feedburner stats are correct, I have double that number of (ir)regular readers. Wooo! My personal apology to each of you.

Actually, the chocolate bit doesn't bother me, because sweet things in hot weather just make me nauseous. And the Canary Islands in summer can definitely be HOT.

(Although, of course, Murphy decided that today would be cool and grey, which is ominous, but for which I am actually grateful. As a Brit, who has definitely seen more grey skies than hot dinners, I never thought I would ever catch myself saying that! :)

Well, heat itself isn't the problem, it's when you combine it with insupportable humidity that we've had recently it becomes difficult to take. This was bad enough on the one or two (non consecutive) days of British summer, but I don't know how anyone survives in Florida. A week was enough for me: I had to go inside air-conditioned stores every 50 yards, just to catch my breath and that was waaaay back when I was 23 and healthy!

Despite being on pretty much the same latitude as Miami, being islands with sea breezes and all, we did not used to have this kind of humidity in the Canary Islands, but that has definitely changed over the last few years and, as a fellow island dweller so succinctly put it recently, there is "more humidity than a camel's armpit".

Not that I have ever been near a camel's armpit, or any other part of their anatomy, you understand, but that does sound about right to describe how it feels.

Air conditioning you say?


Actually, it has only just appeared in the shops here in the last couple of years.

In this terminally damp house, I couldn't run air-con or we'd have waterfalls running down the walls. I kid you not. Most of the time I can't open the windows either, because that's like opening an oven door, so I have only been able to black out the fierce sunlight so the house is dark and thus relatively cooler, if airless and keep the dehumidifier going, so the house doesn't turn entirely into a Turkish bath.

At the same time, since water pipes are mostly above ground here, come mid-day, if you wanted a shower that was hot enough to scald your arse (you wouldn't) you could. Of course, if you want a cold one (which you do), forget it and wait until 3 a.m.

I know, it sounds like I'm whining about nothing, but if you can find a way to make a brain function properly so you can concentrate or a way to avoid headaches in this kind of environment, please let me know so I can get on with some work.

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