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Sunday, 19 June 2005

Blogs make dogs and cats love each other

Kitty snuggled up with the dog
Well, no, I took the quote entirely out of context, but it did make me laugh. On the one hand, I've never been able to understand why people think that blogs are "revolutionary". They're a great concept, but it's people who have the power to "change everything", not the medium. Last time I checked, people had been around for a very long time. And, looking at the way mankind's history keeps on repeating itself, we're gonna have a long wait until they do indeed "change everything". On the other, I just don't know who came up with this myth that cats and dogs don't get along, because I see the daily living proof that they do.

We could learn a lot from animals, if only we'd care to take the time to do so. When my dog found those three kittens four years ago, she sensed that they needed help and attention. She spent days and nights by their side watching them. She took it upon herself to wash bums, made sure they were safe and didn't stray from their box ... and she continues to do so.

Kitty was unwell last week. In fact, she was really poorly, didn't eat and just wanted to curl up for five days. And, like most kids when they don't feel very well, all she wanted to do was cuddle up with mum. (I mean more so than usual.)

At one point, Kitty had snuggled up to Holly's bum on the dog bed. I got up to go somewhere and Holly got up to follow me. I hugged her and just said quietly, "No, you stay there with Kitty: she needs you". Her ass was back on that bed before I even finished the sentence and she stayed. If I'd wanted her to do that for no reason, I'd have had trouble.

I positively encouraged it all week and, I am sure, it is as much to the credit of this love & comfort as it was to the *bad guy* (that'd be me) stuffing her with antibiotics and other medicines that taste horrid that Kitty is again herself, eating fine and coming out on long walks. What makes dogs and cats love each other is intuition, knowledge and understanding. Animals don't come with preconceived ideas about what breed is supposed to get along, and not, nor are they swayed by "propaganda". Different peoples could learn a lot from them.

Maybe blogs will hep? That is, only if they really WANT to.
Holly and Kitty out for a walk