Friday, 22 April 2005

101 Uses For Vinegar

Sometimes we forget the wonderful, simple old remedies (despite their return to fashion lately), which, apart from being more soundly ecological, as well as being DIRT CHEAP, also get the job done faster and with less work, so I just thought I'd pass on these tips.

I really did hurt myself on my recent "mountaineering expedition" and had some very tender and painful bruises on my shins for a week, until I spoke on the phone to my mother. She told me to dab vinegar on them (provided the skin wasn't broken, which it wasn't).

I didn't have any brown paper handy (that was the old method, now I recall), but what has surprised me greatly was that it worked almost instantly. Bruises, tenderness and pain, all just gone.

Vinegar is also a very effective cleaning agent:

Most people have probably heard of using vinegar and newspaper to clean windows. You simply apply the vinegar and water with a sponge or cloth, then dry the window with a dry sheet of newspaper. This definitely works better than any other method, leaving no smears.

Works equally well for mirrors.

It then occurred to me to use vinegar to clean the ceramic tiled floors that we have in houses here. Again, it leaves them clean, smear free and, more importantly, leaves a grease-free surface that is not slippery - as they can be after using a detergent product.

(If you don't like your house smelling like a chip shop - it passes rapidly - add a few drops of perfume essence to the bucket.)

And as an added bonus, if you have cats in the house, vinegar also acts as a deterrent from them "leaving their mark" (cats do not like vinegar) and neutralizes the scent of any past "accidents".

Vinegar, being acid, also counteracts the lime in our hard water that otherwise leaves white deposits on everything. I've used vinegar in all sorts of places, from wiping down the tiles and sanitaryware in the bathroom, to rinsing the glassware and cutlery (flatware).

If you have any ideas to add, please leave a comment.

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